1000s of Hacker Bots try to break into millions of WP sites everyday and often the owners are unaware until informed by a customer or Google


Has your Joomla been hacked? If so don't worry Web Doctor is here to quickly fix your website.


Suppose your blog is hacked did you know that how much money you lost that time if your site is not hacked you can use this service for your future.

Welcome to Web Doctor

Is your website secure enough to keep the customer informations safe ?
Hackers have injected malware, js malicious code or any backdoor ?
Your website been hacked ?

Don't worry !

Web Doctor will do and provide the following for you !

  • Remove any malicious code injected by hacker
  • Remove all kind of malware, backdoors etc.
  • Secure your user database from hacker
  • Will remove any existing infection or virus from your website
  • Secure your website
  • Install a firewall


Let us get your hacked CMS site working again. We have many years of experience, fixed and secured many hacked websites, helped countless people with their hacked sites. Just order our service or message us for more information.

Fast Repair

Rescue + Protect

Fast deliver

Fast Response



Full Wordpress Rescue

  • fbRemove Infections
  • fbSecure Your Site
  • twInstall Firewall
  • g+Remove Malicious Code
  • lnSecure Your Database



Full Joomla Rescue

  • fbRemove Infections
  • fbUpgrade Joomla
  • twDelete Google Warning
  • g+Generate Full Backup
  • lnAdd Security Pack



Full Magento Rescue

  • fbRemove Malicious Code
  • fbSecure Your Database
  • twRemove Malware
  • g+Remove Infections
  • lnRemove Backdoors
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